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Quantum Computing Race Heats Up

March 22, 2018

Via: William Palmer

In the last years, a lot of brain power has been invested by researchers all around the world in the development of quantum computers, machines so powerful they could replace data centers and solve in seconds problems that would take […]

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What you didn’t know on the liquid hard drive

January 4, 2018

Via: James Hughes

Most of the tech enthusiasts are familiar with liquid hard drive cooling, which is commercially available and a mainstream storage collateral feature. However, few of them remember the liquid hard drive discussion that emerged online in mid-2014, following the publishing […]

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I-SDS: better storage management on the enterprise market

December 2, 2017

Via: James Hughes

Intelligent Software Defined Storage or I-SDS appears* in the TechCrunch article on how storage is adapting to the age of big data – as one of the possible solutions in storage design. Under the aegis of “bigger data, smarter storage”, […]

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What to consider when searching for the best NAS

November 5, 2017

Via: James Hughes

Network attached storage or NAS is a technology that functions as a network node in a box. Without implying the same complexity of a file server, this storage system has a greater storage capacity and network administrators (and applications or […]

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Online backup – choose one of the outstanding services

October 17, 2017

Via: James Hughes

What does online backup represent? Once you have installed it, an online backup service starts to scan your computer for backup-able files, identifies and securely encrypts the data and sends it for storage in a cloud server. Online backup differs […]

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Where and how to store our future huge data?

May 16, 2017

Via: James Hughes

Technology nowadays evolves in the direction of reducing consumption, in all aspects. From space saving towards cost saving, next generation tech implements viable cost-effective solutions that enable super-performance and allow enterprises to focus on the actual object of their activity […]

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Is photonics the future of storage?

March 5, 2017

Via: James Hughes

What do you know on photonics and photonic memory? The notion has been around for a while, as scientists are researching viable ways of storing data by using the properties of light and its effects on various photosensitive materials. It […]

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Things you might want to know on cloud syncing

January 15, 2017

Via: Andy Melman

The fact that many businesses nowadays employ remote working rapidly pulled cloud file syncing into the enterprise work environment – a matter of both convenience and concern. While it is extremely useful to employ clod syncing in updating work-related files […]

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Datacenter innovation: Google’s Deep Mind in action

December 5, 2016

Via: James Hughes

What are the downsides of running powerful data centers? Besides continuous maintenance, data centers are all hungry for power – electrical power, that is. Huge amounts of electricity prove costly and also leave an impressive footprint on the environment. Therefore, […]

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Titan – check some data on the 3rd most powerful supercomputer

October 17, 2016

Via: James Hughes

Mid-2016 the news of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) preparing to take delivery of a new IBM supercomputer in early 2018 hit the online media. This new IBM system, named Summit, looks like USA’s response […]