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Blu-Ray Optical Archives Scale Up, Manned by Robots

June 1, 2016

Via: Data Center Frontier

As we keep uploading photos every day, data storage is getting colder. When you want to fetch an old photo, there’s a growing chance it will be retrieved from a Blu-Ray disc by a robot. An offbeat idea hatched in […]

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Toshiba-Samsung Stops Manufacturing Optical Drives

May 24, 2016

Via: Computer Hardware Reviews

The joint venture between Toshiba and Samsung known as Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) has reportedly stopped production of optical drives. TSST manufactured CDRW+DVDR, DVDRW+BDR, and BDRW drives under the Samsung brand. Read More on Computer Hardware Reviews

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Verbatim Launches 100GB MDISC Blu-ray Storage Media

May 19, 2016

Via: CdrInfo

Verbatim introduces the new 100GB MDISC Blu-ray disc with an average lifetime of more than 1,000 years and high data storage capacity. Incorporating titanium for added longevity, the Verbatim MDISC Blu-ray disc preserves stored data by engraving the information into […]

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Reviving the Blue-ray, success or fail in progress?

March 17, 2016

Via: James Hughes

The (already) classical Blue-ray optical storage system may avoid falling into obsolescence via a bold move. Without much of a future left in multimedia storage and rendition, Blue-ray found its afterlife with the help of Facebook and a few other […]

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Panasonic And Facebook Develops Freeze-ray Optical Disc-Based Data Archive System

March 10, 2016

Via: CdrInfo

Panasonic today unveiled its enhanced “freeze-ray” series Data Archiver, using 300GB Optical Discs, scheduled for release in the 2nd half of 2016. Panasonic says that the freeze-ray solution provides optimal cold storage for protecting data integrity and reducing costs in […]

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Have you heard of the new glass storage disk?

March 4, 2016

Via: James Hughes

Continuing the atypical storage medium series, we present you the glass disk storage. This storage medium may seem a little less futuristic when compared with the previously introduced liquid storage, yet it is another amazing alternative hard drive concept. The […]

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5D Storage Capable of Surviving for Billions of Years

March 1, 2016

Via: StorageNewsletter

Scientists at the University of Southampton have made a major step forward in the development of digital storage that is capable of surviving for billions of years. Using nano-0structured glass, scientists from the University’s Optoelectronics Research Centre(ORC) have developed the […]

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ASUS Announces DRW-24D5MT Power-Saving 24x DVD Writer

December 31, 2015


ASUS Japan sent out a press release, announcing its new 24x DVD writer, the DRW-24D5MT. Along with support for Millenniata’s M-DISC format, the drive is capable of 24x DVD±R, 8x DVD±R DL, 5x DVD-RAM, 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW writing […]

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Sony Unveils First 4K Ultra HD Discs

November 13, 2015

Via: CdrInfo

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) today announced the studio’s first releases in the next-generation 4K Ultra HD Disc format, which will arrive in early 2016. “By some estimates, consumers will own over 100 million Ultra HD television sets by 2019. […]