image: anandtech

Memblaze: PBlaze5 910/916 and 510/516 Series NVMe SSD

June 15, 2018

Beijing Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. released PBlaze5 910/916 and low-power 510/516 series NVMe SSD.

They adopt the 64-layer enterprise 3D NAND and support NVMe standard protocol with a user capacity up to 15.36TB.

The PBlaze5 910/916 series NVMe SSD features 6GB/s sequential read bandwidth, one million IO/s read performance and 89/11μs R/W latency. With the performance shared by PBlaze series products, PBlaze5 910/916 series boasts features like high-speed TRIM and multiple-namespace, with higher QoS and more flexible.

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