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Intel Announces New 3D NAND Data Center SSDs

February 20, 2018

Via: The SSD Review

As the world’s stockpile of data continues to grow, Intel continues to bring to market industry-leading storage and memory products, pushing both form factor innovation and ever-increasing capacity.  Intel’s latest data center offerings, the SSD DC P4510 and P4511 series, […]

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Intel Introduces Its New P4510 Series SSD

February 16, 2018

Via: StorageReview

Intel introduced its new data center SSD that it is calling “cloud inspired, storage optimized,” the Intel SSD DC P4510 Series. The new drive series offers up to 8TB in capacity and better performance and QoS than the previous version. […]

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Micron Introduces 5200 Series Enterprise SATA SSDs

January 23, 2018

Via: Anandtech

Today Micron is updating their enterprise SATA SSD family to use their 64-layer 3D TLC NAND flash memory. Aside from the new flash, the new 5200 series is almost identical to the 5100 series, but the broad range of options […]

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CES: Kingston Digital Unveils Upcoming SSD Solutions

January 19, 2018

Via: StorageNewsletter

Kingston Digital, Inc., flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology company, Inc., is set to share its latest and upcoming products at CES. The company demonstrated the capabilities of their family of SSDs and encrypted USB flash drives, as well as […]

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Seagate Details Its Nytro 3000 SSD Line

January 11, 2018

Via: StorageReview

Announced back in August of 2017, the Seagate Nytro 3000 SAS SSD line came with lots of promise but few details. A replacement for the 1200.2, the new line had capacities as high as 15TB and performance claims of 2.2GB/s […]

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WD My Passport SSD 1TB Review

January 9, 2018

Via: Computer Hardware Reviews

Fast portable storage is something that is almost necessary these days, especially for content creators. If you have ever tried to edit 4K video on a slow drive you know exactly what I am talking about. Fast portable drives are […]

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Samsung 960 PRO 512 GiB SSD

December 29, 2017

Via: Hardware Secrets

The Samsung 960 PRO 512 GiB is a high-end SSD that uses M.2 form factor, PCI Express 3.0 x4 connection, and NVMe standard. It is found on 512 GiB, 1 TiB and 2 TiB capacities, and its annouced maximum read […]

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The Intel Optane SSD 900p 480GB Review: Diving Deeper Into 3D XPoint

December 28, 2017

Via: Anandtech

Our first look at the Intel Optane SSD 900p only included the smaller 280GB capacity. We now have added the 480GB model to our collection, and have started analyzing the power consumption of the fastest SSDs on the market. This second look […]

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In the battle of SSD vs. HDD storage, the winner is clear

December 8, 2017

Via: Digital Trends

Solid-state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) are the two main storage solutions available to consumers and they each have their benefits. That makes them quite specialist for different tasks, but if you asked us to pick one over […]

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Toshiba TR200 SSD Review

December 4, 2017

Via: StorageReview

The Toshiba TR200 is a budget-friendly drive that features both low power consumption during operation and cost savings. The TR200 Series is the company’s first consumer SSD equipped with 64-Layer 3-bit-per-cell TLC BiCS FLASH, technology that previously only shipped with […]